Yellow Wood's Top Picks - BYB Shopping Guide

Did you hear? The Build Your Bundle sale is THIS WEEK! What?! So, first of all, this sale is full of awesome resources for all ages. Homeschool families, special needs families, and educators will all find something for them.

*This post may contain affiliate links.

The first thing you might notice is how many resources there are! Wow! So many options! To make it easier, I've perused the goodies and chosen the best products (in my humble opinion!). Here's what I based the decision on:

1. Will it work for a struggling learner?

2. Is it visual or hands on?

3. It is fun and engaging?

4. Will it help a special needs family? 

I've created a few lists for you to shop from: 


1. Special Needs Bundle

This should be your first stop! This bundle has our Working Memory Workbook, Midline Workshop, as well as great resources from other providers on executive functioning and social skills! 

2. Even More Special needs Resources!

I've pulled together my own bundle of even MORE amazing resources that your family can benefit from!

3. Summer Boost 

Looking for top notch resources to help review and maintain skills over the summer? I'll show you the best that the bundle sale has to offer for summer review of math, English, and more! I've created a summer boost bundle for: 

- Preschool/Kindergarten

- Elementary Age

- Middle School

- High School

How do you get the lists? Look no further! Just click below to download the whole guide! Happy shopping!