30 Day Challenge - Preschool Brain Games


30 Day Challenge - Preschool Brain Games


During this challenge, we’ll tackle some key skills for school readiness with a movement and game based approach! You won’t find worksheets in this challenge! Instead you’ll find instructions for movement, games, and activities to encourage brain development and skills like:

  • Midline, primitive reflex, and vestibular integration

  • Sensory integration

  • Core strength

  • Handwriting skills

  • Attention skills

  • Working memory and long term memory

  • Visual and auditory processing

  • Letter and number visualization

  • Sequencing

  • And more!!

This is NOT an academic skills challenge. It’s a way to introduce play based learning and brain development into your day in a unique way! The skills taught in this course are meant to help build academic skills by strengthening the underlying skills needed in order to be successful in school.

If you have a child just getting started with academics, or if your child is struggling in math or reading, don’t delay!

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