8 Steps Toward Success: Workshop Bundle

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8 Steps Toward Success: Workshop Bundle

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Want it ALL? Sign up for our 8 Steps Toward Success workshop bundle! You'll receive all 8 of our workshops, and you'll receive them on the 1st of each month, January through August 2018! Enrollment for the workshop bundle EXTENDED thru January 31st!


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Why sign up for this workshop bundle? 

- You'll receive EIGHT workshops at a discounted price!

- You'll be added to a secret facebook group for "8 Steps Toward Success" students. Here you'll also receive weekly challenges, can ask questions regarding the workshop of the month, and feel the camaraderie of strengthening the brain with fellow parents and professionals! 

- This is the DIY version of our Success Training program! Parents and professionals have access to all our tips and tricks in these 8 main workshops! 

- Receive a new workshop each month, so you'll have new "baby steps" to work on and add to your day, setting you up for success from the start!

What workshops are included? 

January 1 - Brain Based Movements

February 1 - Working Memory

March 1 - Attention Skills

April 1 - Visual Processing and Memory

May 1 - Auditory Processing and Memory

June 1 - Comprehension and Visualization

July 1 - Logic and Reasoning

August 1 - Executive Functioning and Study Skills