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Enroll - Online Success Training


Enroll now in Online Success Training and receive our special "pilot program" price of $35/hr! (Price will go up January 1, 2018!)

The first step in beginning Success Training with us is an evaluation. This $150 cost covers your evaluation and our report, which we call an action plan. Once the evaluation and action plan have been completed, we'll discuss it with you and set up tutoring!

This 16 week one-on-one tutoring program strengthens cognitive skills and helps students overcome learning challenges! Our Success training program is customized to your student’s unique needs and based on their evaluation.

How do we get started? 

Pay this evaluation fee, then click HERE to schedule your evaluation!

What’s the commitment?

3 hrs per week for 16 weeks, or 48 1-hr sessions

How do we tutor online?  

We use a variety of apps and tools along with a video chat program to provide an "in person" feel to our sessions!

What else do I need to buy?

We’ll provide an amazon list of games and other materials you’ll need to purchase. You’ll also purchase listening therapy and a vision therapy program to complete at home. You'll also be provided with our Success Training Workbooks!

Have other questions before committing? Just email us at info@ywsuccess.com and we'd be happy to chat with you! You can also schedule a free phone consultation here.

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