Schoolhouse @ Lexington

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Schoolhouse @ Lexington


Schoolhouse @ Lexington

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Our Schoolhouse program is a partnership between parents, students and our tutors. This option includes everything listed in our Jump Start program, PLUS….

Our Schoolhouse program reaches homeschool students through classes 2 or 3 days per week.

Then tutors assign individualized assignments for home school days.

We provide progress reports, and have parent teacher conferences every 9 weeks to discuss new goals for the next quarter. This is a truly individualized approach to teaching and learning. No two students are alike!

Core Skills courses (Success Training, Math, English) are taught in a 6:1 ratio for a more personalized approach.

Content Courses (History, Science, Literature, Foreign Language) are taught in a max 10:1 ratio so students can learn how to navigate researching and group projects.

This program partners with parents to help guide your student toward success. Home assignments, especially those for Success Training, will require parent involvement and guidance. We do our best to equip parents and students for their weekly assignments and make it clear which assignments can be independent student assignments and which will need parent input.


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