Weekly Brain Challenges - A Year Guide


Weekly Brain Challenges - A Year Guide


Weekly Brain Challenges - A Year Guide

This curriculum is a year guide for homeschool families (or for academic enrichment) to strengthen brain skills, one week at a time.

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You can expect:

  • Guides for identifying what skills to focus on with your child - the skills covered in this curriculum will be: working memory, long term memory, visual and auditory memory, attention, visual and auditory processing, logic and reasoning, visualization, comprehension, and more!

  • Ideas for implementing these skills into your homeschool day through games and exercises.

  • Printable exercises to use with your kids created by Yellow Wood

  • Resource guides so you know what curriculum and materials to purchase, and how to individualize the resource list to meet your needs

  • Weekly and monthly goals using the resources provided (think of it like a basic lesson plan to keep you on the right track!)

  • Ideas on how to individualize the plans to meet your families needs!

You know what’s even better? These weekly challenges BUILD on each other! This is a step by step methodical approach to gaining skills like attention, processing, memory, organization, motivation… and more!


Cost of extra materials needed to go with this course? Less than $100

Do I need to purchase any other Yellow Wood materials to complete this course? No. This is a stand alone course. You would of course benefit from our other resources, but you can use this one by itself