10/8 Online Math Success Workshop

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Teacher (5).png

10/8 Online Math Success Workshop

from 15.00

ONLINE - Monday October 8th at 8pm

Struggling in Math? Join us for a Math Success Workshop and Mini-Evaluation!

$25 for both workshop and mini-evaluation

$15 for workshop only

Limited availability! 

Sign up for mini-evaluations to screen for weaknesses in cognitive skills like attention, working memory, and processing.
Parents attend a workshop on Math Success, and choose an appointment time for mini-evaluation (you’ll be contacted via email to set this up)

*If you sign up for Success Training or trail guide programs within a week of the event and pay your enrollment fee, you'll receive 50% off the enrollment fees (up to a $200 value!)

This event is perfect for families looking for new resources and ways to help their child learn with ease! Students diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning difficulties will benefit from the individualized screening to find the root of the issue and learn specific exercises to do in order to strengthen those weaknesses. Families with children ages 5-18 are welcome!

Workshop time: 8:00-9:00pm EST (details for finding the online webinar will be emailed Friday before the workshop date)

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