1.5 How to Strengthen Vestibular System

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Exercises for Improving the Vestibular System:

  • Line Jumps

    • Put pieces of tape on the floor, at least 2 or more. Students stand and do a “broad jump” (feet spread shoulder width apart) over the tape.

    • Improves motor planning, balance, and eye-foot coordination

  • Red Light, Green Light!

    • Have students line up at the end of the room or hall. When you say “green light” (or go!) students move toward you. When you say “red light” (or stop!) they freeze in place. Be creative! Have them bear walk, walk backwards, crab walk, etc!

    • Improves auditory processing and coordination

  • Log Rolls

    • Students lay on their backs on the floor with feet together, legs straight, and arms straight over their heads. Then students roll across the floor.

    • Improves core strength and spatial orientation

  • Balance Beam and Zig Zag Tape

    • Use tape or a balance beam to practice walking in a straight line. You can place them in a zig zag to make it harder! Practice walking forward, backward, and sideways.

    • Improves balance and visual motor control

More Ideas!

  • Up and down -

    • Jumping

    • Trampoline

    • Slides

  • To and fro -

    • Running

    • Swinging

  • Centrifugal -

    • Merry go rounds

    • Holding hands or a rope and swinging around

  • Turning -

    • Spinning

    • Rolling

    • Somersaults

  • Depth -

    • Riding on a scooter board

Just like with the Superman reflex, the key is to do vestibular movement EVERY DAY! Set a goal with your child to use breaks in the day for purposeful movement and see what improvement you see!

I can’t wait to hear about your journey with these new movement ideas. Be sure to join our Facebook Group for members of this course!

Here is a printable handout with these ideas!

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