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Let me tell you a bit about why I created the Brain Based Learning Summit and introduce you to our knowledgeable speakers, so you can be sure you're in exactly at the right place at the right time to help your student more than you ever imagined. 

Meet Laurie, Your Summit Host                       


Over the years, I watched my mother trying to homeschool and help my younger siblings with learning differences. She tried to do it it on her own without a lot of success.  From quick fixes to complex strategies, she tried it all. I was determined to find a better way to help children with learning challenges. I saw first hand what learning disabilities did to the confidence of children and I needed a new solution. I found cognitive therapy and primitive reflex integrations and saw the real progress that students made in their studies. I have never looked back.

That’s why I decided to put together this summit, so you don’t have to struggle the way my family did.

I’ve created an impressive lineup of speakers, many of which have influenced my journey to finding the tools and techniques to help children succeed. Each guest was carefully selected for their exceptional expertise in their field.  They have real-world experience and knowledge to help you find success for your unique learning child.

The great thing is, you can join the summit from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer and internet access. All of the sessions are recorded, and there will be handouts and notes. When you purchase The All Access Pass it  allows you to absorb the information at your own pace.



The Brain Based Learning Summit


All Access Pass

Is The #1 Online Resource

To Teach You How to Strengthen Your Child’s Brain for Academic Success

Throughout my journey, I’ve been honored to learn from some of the best in cognitive brain therapy and special needs education. Just as they have had an incredible impact on how I help struggling students find success, they will change the way you homeschool your child too.

These special needs and homeschooling experts will help you finally have success with your struggling learner.

And they are ready to help you move forward on your journey in homeschooling success. If you are ready to start improving your child’s cognitive ability, increase brain skills, and overcome learning challenges, then you need to have this opportunity.


Let our experts guide you, step-by-step.

They will give you the tips, strategies and tools you need to finally find success homeschooling your unique learner.


The Brain Based Learning Summit

All Access Pass

Is The #1 Online Resource

To Help Your Child Overcome Learning Challenges

Here are a few of the expert speakers you’ll hear from:                                                                      


Tara Hunkin, NTP, CGP: Founder, My Child Will Thrive


Tara Hunkin, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified GAPS Practitioner, Restorative Wellness Practitioner, mother and founder of My Child Will Thrive and host of the Autism, ADHD and SPD Summit. She passionate about helping parents like you because she has been in your shoes. Doctor visits left her with more questions than answers, and she soon realized that it was up to her to figure out how to get her daughter the help she needed.

Tara pursued an education in nutrition with the Nutritional Therapy Association (my NTP certification), trained with Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD as a Certified GAPS Practitioner (CGP), and took an intensive course that incorporated functional nutrition testing that added the credential RWP (Restorative Wellness Practitioner) she is also a student of by Julie Matthews, CN with the Bioindividual Nutrition Institute and has completed the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs training and has also completed training with Dr. Mellio through IAFNR to better understand the brain and the applications of functional neurology.

Tara is going to teach you:

  • Why diet is the first place that experts recommend parents start when working with their children.

  • What nutrient deficiencies are commonly found in neurodevelopmental disorders.

  • What key nutrients are needed for optimal brain health and are required to maximize the benefits of all of supportive therapies you are doing with your child.

  • What simple steps you can take now to correct nutrient deficiencies and improve your child's symptoms today.


Ann Smith: Multi-Sensory Input Changes the Brain

Ann Smith is the owner of Sylvan Learning Center in Highlands Ranch and Parker, Colorado.  For more than ten years Ann Smith has been a resource for struggling students and their families.  Her extensive research in unlocking the potential that is in everyone has lead her to vision therapist, brain trainers, nutritionists and more.  Her work with students and families have changed the lives of hundreds of students.

Ann is going to teach you:

  • What is MultiSensory Therapy or Training?

  • How MultiSensory Therapy Accelerates the Learning in Children with Disabilities

  • How MultiSensory Therapy has increasingly become a viable alternative to medicine

  • How MultiSensory Therapy can Easily Be Implemented in the Home Environment



Cheryl Carter: Coaching Your Child in Self Regulation & Preparing Your Unique Learner for College

Cheryl R. Carter is a busy homeschooling mother and a college professor with a passion to help others achieve academic and life success.  A former special needs teacher and supervisor, Carter understands the needs of mothers in the throngs of dealing with the day-to-day issues of children whom require extra time and attention. Carter is the author of several books including Organize Your LifeChasing God and the Kids, TooEssential Writing Skills for the College Bound StudentInspire the Writer in Your Child and Organize Your AD/HD Child.   Her books have been translated into Hebrew, German, Czech,  and Polish

Cheryl is going to share with you:

  • Simple Ways to Deal with Meltdowns

  • Research-Based Ways to Teach Your Child Self Regulation Skills

  • Guide You Through the Process of College Admissions for Special Need Learners

  • Accomodations for SAT & ACT Testing

  • Information about Doing a Homeschool College Prep Transcript for Struggling Students


Antoinette LaGrossa: Magic Phrases to Transform Your Homeschool  

Antoinette LaGrossa lives in Pennsylvania with her five children and husband of twenty-two years. In 2004, after experiencing her son’s frustration with other programs, Antoinette witnessed first-hand the amazing success and enjoyment multi-sensory learning brings to students who struggle with math. She immediately joined the Shiller Learning team and for fifteen years has helped thousands of fellow homeschool families find math and language arts solutions. LaGrossa has hosted numerous webinars and convention workshops.

Antoinette is going to teach you:

  • Powerful Montessori Techniques for Verbal & Nonverbal Communication With Your Child

  • How To Phrase Things to Change Your Student’s Outlook

  • How to Create an Environment for Your Child to Become a Self Directed Learner

  • Tools to Help Your Child Take Ownership for Their Actions & Decisions

There are 16 Expert Speakers with over 25 Sessions in the 3 Day Brain Based Learning Summit

Check out the Full Schedule:

There are three ways to go through this event.

My focus is education so I’m going to lay it down for you as straight as I can so that YOU get the most out of this.

1) Watch every speaker as their presentations are released and try to keep up. (I would run out of steam by day 2... that’s just me.)

2) Once the speaker schedule is released make a schedule of specifically what you want to catch right now and when it’s released. (Totally possible... but I would have complete fear of missing out if missed out on of the sessions. There’s just so many that I would want to catch at some point.)

3) Opt for Right-On-Time Learning and Purchase the All Access Pass and have this content whenever and wherever you are that you want to access it.

As someone that’s been OBSESSED with education for decades... I would go with number 3, because that’s going to have the greatest impact on YOU and Increasing Your Child’s Brain Skills!

We're all busy. I totally get that!

Successful implementation of these strategies will need some time and effort if you want to achieve great results.

And going through everything at once is probably not the most feasible for most.

But with the Brain Based Learning All Access Pass, it's like having the best experts guiding you every step of the way as you’re helping your child learn to succeed academically.

Once each talk goes "LIVE" on the day of its release, you can watch and study these powerful and actionable expert sessions more in-depth, at anytime, from anywhere!

So if you're really serious about making a huge impact on your child’s abilities course and want to take them to the next level...

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Watch each expert session from the comfort of your own home and implement the step-by-step strategies and at your own pace.

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