Take the Guess Work Out of Your Homeschool Day!

Feeling overwhelmed by your schooling this year? Ever feel like you aren’t sure if you’re accomplishing what you should be? Or are you frustrated that you’re not making progress in a specific subject? Many home educators struggle with these questions, especially those who are schooling a child with a learning challenge or disability!

Our goal at Yellow Wood is to help homeschool families find confidence and success in all they do. We also love to partner alongside families to OVERCOME those challenges through strengthening cognitive skills.

One great way to do this is our Online Campus program. If you are looking for some extra support in your homeschool journey without overhauling your current curriculum, OR if you need help finding curriculum that works best for your family, this is an excellent option for you! We can help take the guesswork out of homeschooling and helping your child overcome learning challenges through customized and deliberate goals, as well as parent coaching and online tutoring sessions that are CUSTOMIZED to your needs.


5 Reasons why you should consider our Online Campus program this year!

1. Gain weekly and monthly goals for your homeschool!

We help you determine SMART goals for your homeschool curriculum and school work! Each month during our coaching session we’ll discuss what’s going well, what’s not going well, and goals to work toward for the next month. We then create a goal plan for your month that includes Success Training, and any subjects you choose to have help with.

These goals may include…

  • New ways to approach your homeschool routine

  • New ideas for memorizing information, spelling, and more

  • Games to play at the beginning of each subject, designed to prepare the brain for learning at its best!

  • Games and exercises to strengthen skills like memory and attention!

  • Goals for helping students gain independence in their work

  • Ways to improve learning using your curriculum

  • And more!!

2. Customized to your specific needs!

These goals are customized to your specific situation. You can continue to use your current curriculum but gain knowledge, resources, and tools to better succeed through our monthly coaching sessions. Or, if you’re feeling disappointed with your current curriculum, we can help determine a better fit! We work with you one-on-one to provide exactly what you need from our program.

3. Strengthen Cognitive skills!

You’ll receive weekly and monthly assignments for Success Training, our cognitive therapy program, to complete at home! Each month during our coaching session, we’ll discuss how things are going, what progress you’ve made, and what your child is struggling with. Then we’ll assign games, exercises, and movements to work on those specific skills. We help you strengthen your child’s attention, memory, processing, visual and auditory systems, comprehension, and more!

4. A unique approach to teach your child new skills!

As I’m sure you know, there is no silver bullet when it comes to curriculum. By implementing brain-based approaches to your school day, you can improve learning no matter what curriculum you use! We have many tricks up our sleeve to help make things stick! Improve skills like social skills, executive functioning, handwriting skills, auditory listening skills, reading speed, and sooooo much more! You can continue to use your curriculum and add manageable tasks to your day to strengthen skills and find success!  

5. Great for both new homeschool families and homeschool pros!

This program allows new homeschool families to receive guidance on curriculum choices, tips and tricks for establishing a routine in your homeschool day, and many other skills needed to make homeschooling successful! Veteran homeschool families can also benefit from this, especially those facing learning challenges or feel they need to mix up the way they are doing things to find more success!

You can get started TODAY! Learn more about this program and sign up clicking the button below!

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