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Before You Throw the Book at 'em... Part 4: Writing

Today we’ll be sharing our favorite curricula for writing! Many of our parents struggle with helping their students learn to write paragraphs, stories, research papers… etc. There are several great choices out there, but we typically use two main programs for our schoolhouse students: Writeshop and Writing & Rhetoric.

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Reasons we LOVE Writeshop:

1. Offers writing curriculum for K-12!

Wow! This is a rare find and Writeshop does a great job offering age appropriate lessons.

2. A great curricula for those who are allergic to writing!

Is your child allergic to writing? Writeshop is written for students who struggle with this skills, as well as for students with challenges such as dyslexia and dysgraphia. It is visually friendly and easy for even those who hate writing to make strides!

3. It is step by step!

Writing lessons in Writeshop take it slow and methodical. Steps and expectations are clearly given with checklists for rough drafts and final drafts that are written in a way students can easily understand. Students who are literal thinkers or who need to be given each step will appreciate this method, as will their teachers/parents!

4. It is comprehensive!

Writeshop teaches writing AND grammar! There are so many English skills that need to be taught, so finding a curriculum that kills two birds with one stone is amazing! You can always build on the grammar and writing lessons, but this can also be a stand alone program for these skills.

5. It teaches creative writing AND academic writing!

Lessons include all types of writing, so students gain a well rounded perspective of writing types and skills!

Did you know? Writeshop is one of the speakers in the upcoming Brain Based Learning Summit!


And… Writing & Rhetoric

1. We mainly use the first 3 books of this program.

Here’s why: this curriculum, specifically the first 3 books, uses fables and stories to teach what good writing looks like. From there, students build upon the original story to make it their own.

2. Great for students who struggle to put their thoughts on paper!

This program starts with a story, so students don’t have to pull the whole story line from thin air! This is incredibly helpful if a student struggles with this skill. It allows them to learn how to write well first, and then work on the skill of creating their own stories later!

3. It is a classical curriculum.

For the grammar stage, this program is my first pick! It doesn’t expect students to argue or create yet, but instead teaches them to imitate great writing.

4. Charlotte Mason style!

Dictation and narration are a large part of this curriculum. These tasks build skills like auditory processing, handwriting, note taking, and more. These skill are vital for the elementary years in order to build on them later!


So there you have it! These two curricula are great starting points for any homeschool family! I’d suggest starting with writing and rhetoric 1 if your child is in 3rd-5th grade and you’d like a more classical approach. Then switch to writeshop 1 in 7th grade! Or, for a more creative approach in younger years, use Writeshop from the start!


Do you have a writing curriculum you love? We’d love to learn more about it! Comment on this post!


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