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At Yellow Wood Tutoring we are passionate about helping children succeed by strengthening their bodies and minds! There is such an important connection between movement and learning. In our classes you'll see students doing primitive reflex exercises, sitting on yoga balls, and playing with fidget toys. Allowing students to move and play while learning is vital to a good learning experience!

Need ideas on how to implement movement at home? Here are a few! 

1. Bounce a ball while working on memorization! Use whatever your student is learning: the alphabet, multiplication facts, the presidents... bounce the ball back and forth or dribble it and try to rhythmically say the facts. This helps the brain make a stronger connection with the information, AND it makes it more fun! 

2. Trade out a traditional chair for a yoga ball during homework time! Sitting on a yoga ball allows kids to get their wiggles out, which actually helps the brain focus on learning because you keep their sensory systems occupied. It also stengthens their core, which is helpful for senquencing skills too! 

3. Jump on a trampoline! This engages the proprioceptive sense, allowing the brain to focus and make a better connection to what the student is learning! Similar to bouncing a ball, this is great for memory activities! You can jump on a trampoline while listening to a story, doing oral math, or practicing spelling words!

4. Play doh! Who doesn't like play doh? You'd be amazed how much teenagers even enjoy fidgeting with play doh while focusing on homework. With young kids you can practice spelling with play doh too!

5. Take lots of movement breaks! We change classes every 30-45 minutes at Yellow Wood, and each time our students get up, move around, and do a quick exercise. This keeps the blood flowing and give the brain a minute to process the information it received in the previous class! It's tempting to make kids sit until all their homework is done, but you may find this is not as productive as taking frequent breaks! 

I can't wait to hear how these suggestions work out for your homework time! Let us know by commenting on this post! Enjoy! 


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