100 Board Skip Counting Fun!

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Hey there! Today I'm excited to share with you a fun exercise for making math successful! So many of the students we see at Yellow Wood struggle with math, especially with math facts. Here's a fun exercise for improving this skills! 

100 Board Games!

The Hundred Board is such a great resource for math! There are several ways we use this at Yellow Wood to help students gain number sense and learn to visualize the number line in their mind! This is especially great for skip counting and memorizing multiplication facts!


Say you want to skip count by three's (or practice your multiples of 3). Put your hundred board in a page protector and use a dry erase marker to circle 3, 6, 9... etc through the 100 board. 


Circle all the multiples of 3, but now start at the end of the board! (remember, you won't always start at 100. For 3's you'll begin with 99)


Now here's where it gets a little tricky. Take a BLANK hundred board and put it in a dry erase sleeve. Since we're practicing 3's, we'll decide where 3 is and write it in. Do NOT let your student write in all the numbers. They can count through to see where the number would be, but eventually you'll want them to see the pattern and not need to do this. So write in 3, 6, 9, etc. all the way through 99!

You can follow these steps with every number. Younger students can practice filling in the 100 board first before starting skip counting. But students as early as kindergarten can practice skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's!

Other Ideas:

There are great resources out there for hundred board activities! Here are a few of my favorites available that are hands on and provide endless ways to use them! (These are affiliate links. I only reccommend products I use and love, I promise!)

Tabletop Pocket Chart - This is a great way to review your math facts in a tactile way! Student can place facts into the chart (for example 4's... 4, 8, 12...) and this will help with number sense and number line visualization! This particular product is great for visual learners since it is color coded! Wow!



Hundred Board Activity Mat - This play mat is so great for little ones! What better way to learn your numbers than with a big floor sized play mat. You might even be able to play math twister!


Wooden Hundred Board - Again, what a great product! This is reminiscent of the Montessori method and is SO versatile! One great way to use this is to have students skip count (say by 2's) and place their tiles blank side up. Then they can SELF check their answers at the end by flipping them over!