As we continue our series in Primitive Reflexes, today we'll be talking about the Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex. This reflex helps baby sleep safely by moving their arm out of the way when sleeping on their stomach. If they move their head to the other side, that arm will move out of the way. It also helps baby's eyes track from side to side. 

If a child still has this reflex, they'll often show signs of poor balance, right/left confusion, letter and number reversals, and will skip over words or lines while reading. They may also have a hard time expressing themselves on paper or have poor handwriting. 

These symptoms also line up with a diagnosis of Dyslexia! We've found that by integrating this reflex, children make gains in their reading abilities, coordination, and more! It's amazing how symptoms of Dyslexia can be diminished or even disappear through simple movement exercises! 

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