Today we'll be talking about another primitive reflex - the Symmetrical Tonic Neck reflex. It usually shows up around 6 months old, and helps babies practice rocking back and forth on their hands and knees - a skill they'll need in order to crawl! It typically is integrated by 11 months. 

A child who has a retained STNR (meaning it stuck around longer than it should have) may have poor posture, and have a hard time with hand-eye coordination. They may also struggle with tasks like writing from the board! The reason is that this reflex also trains the visual system. When a baby rocks back and forth, they look up and down over and over again. This strengthens their visual tracking system. If this strengthening doesn't happen, it can be very tiring for children to look up at the board and back down at their paper! Even looking up at the teacher and then back down to write notes can be tricky! 

Simple exercises can help integrate this reflex and make these tasks easier! 

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