Anyone have a child who is easily startled? Or who is very anxious in new situations? These are just a couple of the symptoms that can affect a child with a retained Moro reflex. 

But first, what does it mean to be "retained"? This just means that the reflex has "stuck around" for too long. Typically these primitive reflexes are "integrated" by a year old. When this doesn't happen, it becomes harder for the brain to be used efficiently, especially as a child gets older and has more demands. But, even if a reflex is retained, it's never too late to help it integrate.

Back to the Moro reflex... also known as "the startle reflex", is just that - It's the reflex you see when an infant is startled and throws his arms and legs out! Just imagine, if this reflex is retained into your childhood or even adulthood, how it might affect you! Symptoms seen with this reflex are car sickness, anxiety, difficulty with change, sensory sensitivities, and more! It's SO important to make sure this reflex is integrated so that your child, or even yourself, can thrive! 

When I began tutoring using our Success Training program, I realized pretty quickly that I had a retained Moro reflex. After a couple months of doing the exercises daily, I saw a significant change in my anxiety and nervousness! I was amazed! And this spurred my passion for primitive reflexes because I saw first hand the difference it can make. 

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