5 Steps Toward Homeschooling SUCCESS!


If you homeschool, you know that some days a more productive than others. Everyone has their own way of doing things when it comes to homeschooling - kids all sit at the kitchen table, or sit at individual desks... or sit wherever they want! 

It helps to make a plan of what works for your family and stick to it for consistency! If everyone gets into the routine, your days will start to go smoother. Here are some ideas you might want to implement into your homeschool day! 

1. Pick a spot for all your stuff! 

This is especially helpful for those kids who tend to procrastinate by looking for school supplies all day instead of working on that math worksheet! Put all your basic supplies in a close by spot during homeschooling.

2. Pick a spot to work! 

Let your kids help decide what space works best for them! Maybe they do best at the kitchen table so there's some background noise. Or maybe they do best in their room so it's quiet! Let them pick, or try a few options and think about which one made for the most productive day!

3. Movement, movement, movement!

Kids learn best when MOVING! So just because they are doing school at the kitchen table, doesn't mean the have to be seated! Stand, walk, sit on a yoga ball. Put a mini trampoline and balance beam up so kids can get proprioceptive and vestibular input while working on things like spelling, math facts, memorization, and more! 

4. Brain breaks!

Another way to integrate movement into the day is with brain breaks in between subjects! It's always a good idea to switch things up every 30-45 minutes. Switch to a new subject, and when you do, get up and move! There are lots of ideas out there about brain breaks, but focusing on things that cross the midline or give vestibular input are best! 

5. Write down that schedule! 

Once you find a plan that works, write it down! Put it in a place that everyone can see. I like to have a checklist rather than a timed schedule. It may look something like this:

- Morning stretches

- Math (30 min) 

- trampoline math facts (10 min)

- Reading (30 min)

- Snack and run around! (15 min)

- Writing (30 min)

- balance beam and spelling (15 min)

- handwriting (20 min)

- Lunch

and so on... 

Be creative! Use your resources and find what works for you! Have a great schedule you'd like to share? Comment below!