Guiding Students Toward Success!

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At Yellow Wood, we're all about celebrating success! Check out these amazing stories of student progress and cheer them on with us! 


Laurie Geary, the founder of Yellow Wood Tutoring, had worked with my son for a few summers. We were thrilled with the advancements Joshua would make each summer. But with no time left after a long school day to continue the exercises, Joshua would usually start losing his desire and ability to achieve by Christmas. Since Laurie was so familiar with Joshua’s abilities, we finally took her up on her offer to integrate a child with Down syndrome into her cottage school. By the end of 5th grade, after spending most of his time in a resource room for the last three years, Joshua was suffering from an anxiety disorder. He had a tremendous desire to learn and do things he saw the typical kids doing in his school but had been categorized as never being able to do any of that so was segregated. He loved his teachers and classmates but was very sad on the inside. That has all changed, thanks to Yellow Wood tutoring. With the small classrooms, truly individualized lesson plans, cognitive exercises, and relaxed but structured atmosphere, Joshua’s anxiety is gone and he is so excited about learning. I no longer have to struggle with communicating Joshua’s needs to teachers. These teachers know he is capable and encourage me to challenge Joshua. We have high expectations of Joshua and most importantly, so do the teachers at Yellow Wood.


My daughter, Carlie Hope, was born with a rare liver disease called Alagille Syndrome.  It is a genetic disorder that can affect the liver, heart and other parts of the body. Unfortunately, this causes severe itching all over her body.   The itching made grade school a bit challenging but with scheduled meds, a 504 and eventually an IEP, she made it through 5th grade fairly well.  The transition to middle school was quite challenging not only physically but also emotionally. Through lots of prayer and researching for creative options, I stumbled upon Yellow Wood! Carlie started with private tutoring sessions a few times a week and then transitioned to the cottage school the following fall. Carlie went from a girl who hated school and cried when I made her attend to a girl who is thriving, catching up to grade and LOVES school and has friends at school who aren't bullying her.  I believe God directed us to Yellow Wood because Carlie needed the special attention and individualized plan for her education.  

Would your student benefit from a more individualized approach to their education? Contact us! We have program options available for homeschoolers and school-goers, both locally and online!