Before You Throw the Book at 'em...

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But really, though… do you ever feel like starting from scratch with your curriculum choices?

Today I’m excited to start a new blog series- Before You Throw the Book at ‘em - all about our favorite curricula at Yellow Wood! Curious what programs we use and why? Keep reading!

If you know me in real life, you probably know I am a bit of a curriculum junkie. I LOVE curriculum. Even when I was in high school and being home schooled myself, my absolute favorite part was picking curriculum. I gained a good amount of exposure and experience to different curricula while working at cottage schools and tutoring home school student, especially to classical curricula. So when I began Yellow Wood in 2013, I had so much fun choosing what books to use, and I had a good idea of what I liked and disliked! As our program has grown each year, our curriculum choices have grown and changed as well! What I’ve learned is there is NO perfect curriculum and your success will depend greatly on how you implement it rather than on the curriculum itself! Still, a great curriculum can be so helpful in making homeschooling an enjoyable experience.

I LOVE helping families find curriculum that fits for their child, the parent’s teaching style, and challenges students in new ways without being overwhelming! I can’t wait to help you too!

Over the next few posts, I’ll lay out some options for each subject and lay out what is great about each one and also what types of learners might benefit most from it. I’ll also share a few tips and tricks we’ve found over the years!

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