Brain Based Movements in Action! Part 2

BBM in action Pinterest (2).jpg

Hi there! Onalee here again, and I'm excited to share updates on my kids' progress after completing the Brain Based Movements course with them! The results are super exciting and I hope they encourage you that your kids CAN overcome similar challenges! Click here to read Part 1 of this series!

Quick recap: I noted the struggles my children were having after using the help aid in the Brain Based Movements course.  We started the exercises, and I was stunned!  I had no idea that these seemingly very easy exercises would challenge my children like they did!  My kids have no problems running around, playing, riding bikes, doing yoga, dancing, etc. so it never occurred to me that these exercises would be hard for them to complete.  When I say hard, please let me be clear in that they could do them, and they were not in any pain, or discomfort, but they did have to think, re-position and retry several when we first started. Now, though, they have the hang of the exercises, and they are able to complete them more easily. Banana and Bubby both need full concentration to complete the Palmer exercises still, though I do see improvement in their ability to complete this exercise.

At this time, I am thrilled, though!  I have seen my very, pull my hair out to get them to look at a book much less pick it up, reluctant readers grab books on their own!  Then, after picking it up, they actually open it and read the book!  They have even asked for more books (I can not drive to the book store fast enough - we love our library, but we are forgetful and I own it)!  My son, who I could not get to pick up a book willingly yet, actually sat in the front yard, and read with a friend for over an hour the other day!  My heart is so happy!

Speaking of my son, he also had an expander placed in his mouth.  He has a speech impediment, but he was able to overcome and his speech is almost as clear as it has been and in some cases even more intelligible!  I am so excited for him!  Also, he asked me to buy him colored pencils the other day!  I never thought I would ever see that day!  My son does not look at a pencil unless his school career or ability to play on his kindle depend on it!  He came to me, though, and asked for them.  I am hopeful that in my next post, I can say he used them! 

My Banana has problems with textures, so she avoids many things in life.  This week, she has begged me for craft supplies galore, many of which involved textures she would not touch for anything before.  She not only touched the supplies, but she made some incredible crafts that double as a soothing device for her!  Did I mention, she touched the slimy, oily stuff...the stuff she would not go near before this...the stuff that would create a yelling dramatic event complete with cleansing ritual if she even thought it touched her previous to starting these exercises?

In all of my children, I see a new sense of confidence.  My next post will be about feedback from their teachers on the differences from last year to this year!  I feel sure that they will notice improvements in areas that I am not seeing, yet!  

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