Essential Oils and the Sensitive Child

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I am a firm believer that essential oils can have amazing health and wellness benefits! We use oils EVERY DAY in our home. One of my children, 5 years old, has some sensory processing difficulties, and so using essential oils can be a challenge. How does Zeke react to essential oils, you ask? If I put it directly on him where he can smell it, then it’s a no go. Sometimes he gets agitated immediately, and other times it takes a few minutes and he’ll go craaaaazy. So, we had to get creative on how to use these for his benefit! Through some trial and error, we have found some blends and uses that don’t bother him AND help him feel calm and stay healthy.

  1. Health in our home

We LOVE Thieves essential oil! It keeps us healthy through the winter months especially. If anyone starts to get a runny nose or sore throat, I pull out the thieves! The strong smell can bother Zeke, so we use it on his feet. It’s great for keeping his feet smelling great too! ;)

We also put thieves in our homemade cleaning spray, so everything from floors to counters to beds get sprayed with thieves weekly. This keeps the germs at bay and we truly don’t deal with much sickness anymore!

2. Calming Anxiety

Zeke deals with some anxiety, and so does our Zoey. We’ve found that lavender bothers our kids, so we went on the hunt for another oil that would help calm them. My favorite right now is Frankincense! It’s a great oil that helps you feel grounded and calm. I use it myself on my chest, but on the kids we put it in the diffuser, or on their neck or feet. I’ve seen some great results!

3. Tummy Aches

We have a lot of food sensitivities in our house, so tummy aches happen on the regular. Our FAVORITE oil is digize! IT has fennel and other goodness that helps tummies feel better! The kids don’t mind the smell if its just a tiny bit on their bellies, but if Zeke is feeling extra sensitive we will put it on his feet instead.

So, our favorite tricks are:

  • Diffuser (with non strong scents! This is too much for Zeke if its a harsh smell)

  • Oils on the feet! This is a great way to get the benefit of oils without overwhelming smell. We put socks on immediately so they don’t smell it at all.

  • Finding the best oils for US! There are so many essential oils that provide similar benefits. We’ve tried out all sorts over the years and these are the ones we use consistently. There’s no right or wrong answer though - find what works for your family!

You can look into some essential oils at the link below!

If you’re interested in using essential oils, but unsure HOW to get started, then you’ve got to check out this Essential Oils and Herbs Bundle! It is chock full of amazing tips and recipes for health, cleaning, cooking and more! You’ll get science-based approaches to using essential oils and rest easy that you’re using them in the best ways possible!

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