Planned for Success


Here it is, another day, and you and your child are staring each other down.  You are asking for a few seemingly simple assignments to get done, but this small person is intent that the wood grain on the table, or the weave of the fabric in the pants they are wearing is the most interesting thing they have seen since they were born!  You have tried cajoling, reasoning, punishment, but this child is like a brick wall and oblivious to all forms of parental guidance at this point. Have you ever been here? Have you ever found yourself staring down this very scenario? I have...more than I would ever care to admit!  Those days were the hardest days! Hold onto hope! If you have never experienced any of the above, but you really just want a way to organize your day and give your homeschool a power lift, keep reading!

A few key buzzwords floating around right now are growth mindset and intentionality.  I found that when I started with both of these things in mind the night before, I was able to gain ground, and our homeschool day was by far and large more likely to to be “incident” free.  On those days, I would look at, and study the plan for the next day (this does not take hours, but some days it would take about one hour), outlining for my children the tasks that needed to be completed, and I had a plan of encouragement to help them.  I also had a checks and balance system ready to go. Does that sound dreamy?

Well, hold onto that dream!  Yellow Wood Success took all of the above and more and wrapped it into a really cute little package for you!  We have designed a planner to help guide the student through the work you need/want them to do (with a priority marking), the materials they will potentially need, and a discreet section where your child can ask for and track their need for help, and how much time they spend on the assignment.  To help with that feeling of accomplishment, there is a place to check tihings done, and a place for you to show your child how they did there work! This gives both of you a concrete way to reflect on growth in the area of studying, follow through to the finish, and speed and accuracy (just record their grades on here along the way).  

The reflection part of this process is really important for myself.  I find that my children learn a great deal from reflecting on their own learning.  In this learning, they are able to better self-correct and make choices that reflect what they have learned.  The simpleness of this planner, combined with a quick daily, monthly, and semester reflection on how things have progressed, can really provide peace, calm and a new way for both yourself and your child to approach the homeschool day!  

If you are interested in getting this planner, you can find it in our membership program, Path to Success. This membership site opens again March 15th. There you’ll find resources like the Super Planner, my full course on Reflex Integration, midline integration, working memory exercises, and So. Much. More. Snag the pre-launch price and learn more about the program below!

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