Best Montessori Resources for Your Homeschool

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Do you LOVE the idea of Montessori learning in your home, but aren’t sure where to start? That’s how I’ve felt too! This year I set out to find some resources that would be easy to implement in my home, high quality, and not require a lot of extra work on my part, because we all know how busy we are! In our schoolhouse program at Yellow Wood, we wanted a hands on approach to math that would teach all concepts, including money, time, measuring, and math basics that was easily individualized. After some digging we found a couple great programs that I’m excited to share about!

Young Kids

If you have kids 3 or 4 and younger, you’ve got to check out Monti Kids. This program is like a box subscription, but for high quality Montessori toys. Their website markets it for infant to 3 years, though I know my 3.5 and 5.5 year olds would also love the toys in the older boxes. They way it works is every 3 months, you get a new box of Montessori toys! How cool! This will be my 1.5 year old and 3.5 year olds’ Christmas toys this year! The best part is you can cancel anytime so you don’t HAVE to get toys every 3 months. If you’re thinking about ordering a box from Monti Kids, use coupon code YELLOWWOOD to get $30 off!! Shop Now!

So there are some great toys for ages 4 and under! This is my favorite way of learning before 5! Lots of play and lots of movement will help prepare your toddlers and preschoolers for school!

PreK-8th Grades

Now, when we were looking for some new math resources at Yellow Wood, we found a fantastic program called Shiller! This curriculum has Montessori math and language arts programs for ages Pre-K through 8th grade! The best part is they created this curriculum specifically with homeschoolers in mind, so it’s super easy to implement. The books are multi-grade level, so you can easily go back and review any missed skills, or jump ahead if you’re ready. It is an open and go curriculum that provides Montessori quality hands on experiences! Shop Shiller Math and Shiller Language Arts. You can also see all the options at (I am not compensated in any way by sending you to Shiller’s website. I just love this high quality program and want to share it with you!)

When getting started with the Montessori method, I’ve found it’s best to implement one aspect at a time! I am not a hard and fast Montessori schooler by any means, but I see huge benefits to the method, so we add it where it works best for us! Do you do Montessori at home? Share about it in the comments! We’d love to hear YOUR favorite resources!

Did you know? Shiller Math is a speaker in the upcoming Brain Based Learning Summit!

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