What's New in 2018?

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It’s my birthday! Reflecting on the last year I decided it was time to update our community on what God has done the past two years since I wrote my last “life” post! Wanna read the original post? Click here!

Anyways, a LOT has happened since 2016 when I wrote that! Wow! Here are a few highlights:

Yellow Wood moved into a twice as large building in Lexington, KY! This move has blessed us in many ways, including a great facility large enough to house our schoolhouse and tutoring programs!

In August 2017 our family welcomed our newest addition, Ezra Maxwell! Our oldest two kids lovingly call him “Maxie poopy” at all times. He’s the sweetest baby and smiles all the time! He’s ornery already and decided to arrive a whole 14 days late (and just 2 days before the start of the school year). Thanks, bud! It’s been a wild ride, but totally worth it!

You may remember our Zeke has some special needs. We’ve had a quite a journey during the past couple years. When he was 5 months old he was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy and strabismus. When he was around two it became clear he likely had speech apraxia. The past year we’ve seen some amazing specialists who took the time to figure out what is going on, and gave us a new diagnosis and we’re in the process of genetic testing! It’s not necessarily answered all our questions, but we’re so glad to have doctors digging deep and not giving up. Zeke is 4.5 years old now and doing very well! He’s a busy, hardworking guy, going to therapies 4 times a week and practicing new skills at home. Zeke’s new diagnosis, Cerebellar Ataxia, is not one you can find much information on with a quick google search. We do know that it affects his speech, balance and coordination, and his eye coordination. This makes so much sense and are the three big struggles for him! He’s looking at more testing and an eye surgery in the next couple months, as well as looking into an AAC to help him communicate in school and in new settings!

Looking ahead, I’m so excited that Zeke will be attending Yellow Wood for Pre-K next year. It still amazes me how God paved a way for him to get the best care and education he could have. He’ll continue to grow and thrive while learning school skills in a safe environment.

At Yellow Wood, we’ve been blessed to work with even more families this year! Our students are the best and keep us on our toes at all times. We’ve had the privilege to work with students with a range of needs from anxiety, autism, down syndrome, ADHD, dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, PANDAS, and other difficulties… all with the goal of helping these students accomplish goals and gain confidence while also building up cognitive and academic skills. It’s tough work, but we’ve seen some amazing progress this year and are SO excited to see what’s in store for the future. We're working hard to reach students in KY and around the US with our unique and life changing homeschool support services!

Since we’ve been talking about Zeke, I have some exciting plans for this blog over the next couple weeks. Watch for a “Preschool Brain Games Challenge” coming your way next week, and some other great ideas and help for ages 2-6!

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