Help! My Child Can't Remember Anything!

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4 Reasons why your child

may be struggling with long term memory!

As a mom guiding your child’s education, whether at home or in school, helping them memorize for projects, presentations, and tests can be quite a feat. Teaching young children to read and understand math facts can also be a daunting task. When you run into roadblocks as your child struggles to memorize and use information, it’s easy to become frustrated or overwhelmed!

 Sometimes the struggle is remembering things from one day to the next. Other times students will study and study, just to draw a blank when they get to the test! Aside from just not being able to remember things, there are several potential causes for memory difficulties and memorizing for tests. If your student is driving you nuts with their inability to recall spelling, sight words, memory work, or concepts, here are a few potential things that may be stirring up trouble behind the scenes:

  1. Anxiety

  2. Visualization

  3. Working Memory

  4. Long term memory recall

1. Anxiety

Have you ever gotten super nervous and totally blanked? When I was a child, this was a serious issue for me. I would forget lines in a play, lines of a solo, terms for a test… etc. It led me to be extremely nervous about situations that required me to have something memorized or where I was under the spotlight.

Fast forward to adulthood, I’ve come along way with this type of anxiety. I believe the main reason why is that my Moro reflex was not integrated, which causes, anxiety and other “fight or flight” symptoms in response to stress! When I began Yellow Wood, I received training in primitive reflex integration and it literally changed my life. I went from being a nervous person in almost every aspect to being able to speak in public confidently. Isn’t that awesome?

Curious what these primitive reflexes are? This is a topic I’m super passionate about and you’ll find more info at these blog posts:

So, memory recall when under pressure can be majorly affected by anxiety! If this sound like your child, I encourage you to look into primitive reflex integration or another anxiety reducing techniques like yoga!

2. Visualization

Visualization is the ability to see images and stories in your mind. Many times when a child struggles with memorization, it could because they are not able to see a picture of what they are trying to remember! ABCs are MUCH easier to memorize if your child can picture each letter in their order rather than relying solely on auditory (singing the song!). When visualization is weak, kids may also struggle with memorizing and utilizing sight words, or memorizing math facts. Visualization is also a key component to reading comprehension - the ability to make movies in your mind of what is being read. When trying to memorize something and put it in your long term memory, it will be much easier to do so if you have a picture or image associated with it.

3. Working memory

Yet another key component to great memorization skills. This is actually a different type of memory that can cause difficulties that “look” like long term memory issues. I have seen many students who struggle with learning to read, keeping up in class, and other difficulties due to working memory deficiencies. You can check out this blog post all about working memory to learn more!

4. Memory Recall

The last potential cause for poor long term memory I’d like to discuss is poor memory recall. This happens when you have something filed in your long term memory, but you aren’t able to access it quickly or efficiently. For example, you know that your child probably knows quite a few animal names. But, when asked to list as many as they can in a minute, what happens? Many students who struggle with recall will have great difficulty with this activity. You ought be be able to list 30 or more animals in a minute with ease if your memory recall is working the way it should be!

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