The ULTIMATE Resource for Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner


At Yellow Wood, we are PASSIONATE about helping families find success in their homeschool. Educating your own children can be challenging enough without adding learning difficulties and special needs into the mix! That’s why our mission is to provide the support you need to homeschool and feel confident in doing so!

We’ve compiling the very best resources for struggling learners so that you’ll know exactly what curricula and options are best for you! You can rest assured that the resources we share are truly awesome for struggling learners, because many of them are what we use in our cottage school in Lexington, KY! This month you’ll get an insider’s look at how we do what we do. Here’s the plan:

Below are a few of our favorite curriculum picks.

And, here are a few suggestions for math to get you started! 

Possibly the most exciting part, we are here to help you put all the pieces together! Our goal is to provide you a roadmap for creating a homeschool experience that supports your struggling learner!

Would you like to learn more about what we do? A great starting place with us our membership site or Online Campus!

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