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At Yellow Wood, we are PASSIONATE about helping families find success in their homeschool. Educating your own children can be challenging enough without adding learning difficulties and special needs into the mix! That’s why our mission is to provide the support you need to homeschool and feel confident in doing so!

Over the month of June, we’ll be announcing some pretty stinkin’ exciting new resources for our homeschool families! We’re compiling the very best resources for struggling learners so that you’ll know exactly what curricula and options are best for you! You can rest assured that the resources we share are truly awesome for struggling learners, because many of them are what we use in our cottage school in Lexington, KY! This month you’ll get an insider’s look at how we do what we do. Here’s the plan:

First we’ll go through our favorite curriculum for each subject! You can see a few posts below, and we’ll be adding to them throughout the month!

Then, We’ll talk about how to integrate social skills, life skills, and executive functioning into your homeschool day. These skills are VITAL to success and often parents feel overwhelmed on how to make them a priority! We’ve got you covered.

Another important piece of the puzzle is cognitive skills! Since this is our wheelhouse, we’ll share how we can support you in building up brain skills. We’ll also show you some awesome techniques to try for strengthening math and reading while also strengthening the brain! Here are a few suggestions for math to get you started! 

Possibly the most exciting part, we are going to help you put all the pieces together! Our goal is to provide you a roadmap for creating a homeschool experience that supports your struggling learner!

Can’t wait? A great starting place with us is our Jump start and Trail Guide programs! We do all the above, plus provide a super individualized experience. We walk with you through choosing curriculum, deciding on the best techniques for teaching your child, and what cognitive exercises to focus on each month so that you can ensure SUCCESS for your child!

Jump start gives you a “snapshot” of your child’s skills and some basic suggestions on curriculum. Trail Guide goes a step further by offering detailed plans and suggestions on a monthly basis, with monthly support meetings to keep you on track and moving forward!

I’m SO excited to walk through all our curriculum and resources at Yellow Wood with you! Don’t miss a thing by signing up for our email list!

Trail Guide
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This option includes everything listed in our Jump Start program, PLUS...

Parents have coaching sessions with a Yellow Wood tutor every 4 weeks. During these sessions, you’ll discuss goals, troubleshoot challenges you’re facing in your homeschool, discuss progress and next steps. We then create a 4-week “goal plan” that includes lessons for Success Training and a general outline of work to be completed in your classes too. These lessons are NOT scripted lesson plans, but instead are daily, weekly, or monthly goals to complete for each subject.

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