Encouragement for Homeschooling Unique Learners


Would you like to find a homeschool conference geared toward parents like you? A conference where you can find encouragement and inspiration to continue homeschooling your unique learner, AND learn tangible ways to make it the best year yet? If so, you’re in the right place!

This year’s Brain Based Learning Summit is exactly what you’re looking for! February 26-28th, you’ll hear from experts in the fields of learning disabilities and special needs, all through the lense of homeschooling. We’ll be sharing actionable steps and encouragement so you’ll walk away with a plan for implementing all the amazing ideas!

So, who will benefit from the Brain Based Learning Summit?

Parents who have a struggling learner

Do you have a struggling learner at home? With or without a diagnosed learning disability, you can find ways to implement new strategies at home and make progress!

Parents who are considering homeschooling their student who is struggling in traditional school

Are you thinking about homeschooling for the first time, but not sure if it’s feasible because your child has a learning difference or special needs? This is the perfect conference for you! We’ll get you started on the right foot with the best brain based practices out there that are multi-sensory, game, and movement based!

Parents who are homeschooling and recently learned their child has a learning difference

New to a diagnosis and reeling to find the right curriculum fit for your child? Our expert speakers know exactly how to help! We won’t push a certain curriculum on you, but we will make suggestions on how to implement methods that will help you find success!

Parents who are homeschooling a child with special needs

Homeschooling a child with multiple special needs? Are trips to therapies and doctors offices a regular part of your week? We know ALL about that! Several of our speakers are right there in the thick of it too. Together we can link arms and find ways to homeschool successfully and implement therapies without burning out!

Parents who are burnt out with their reluctant students and want to breathe new life into their homeschool

Is your child reluctant to homeschool and wearing you thin? These sessions are chock full of brain based methods to multi-sensory learning, game-based learning, and movement to bring new interest and progress to your homeschool journey.

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