Struggling with Reading and Writing? Start Here!


Primitive Reflexes - the first step to success in reading and writing!

Does your child struggle in reading? How about writing skills? Did you know that retained primitive reflexes can affect specific skills related to English? Today we’ll talk about what those symptoms are and a few simple things you can implement at home!

Not sure what primitive reflexes are? Read this blog post first

Reflex integration is an essential starting step to laying a foundation for success in reading and writing. Primitive reflexes literally hardwire your brain to use the whole brain effectively, so when you have a retained reflex, you aren’t able to access the whole brain!

Let’s talk about some specific symptoms you might see if your child has a retained reflex and is struggling with reading or writing:

  • Sensitivity to reading on bright or glossy paper

  • Poor sequencing, like trouble telling stories out of order, counting, organizing, learning the alphabet in order

  • Poor organizational skills

  • Struggling to learn to read or to read fluently

  • Poor auditory processing skills

  • Eyes tend to jump over words or miss parts of words

  • Skips over lines or repeat lines when reading

  • Right-left confusion

  • Mixes up “d”s and “b”s or other letters and numbers

  • Messy handwriting or labored handwriting

  • Trouble expressing ideas on paper

  • Difficulty  with copying tasks

  • Holds pencil in an unusual way

Reading through this list, you can see where fundamental skills needed for reading and writing success might be missing! If your child is past 1st grade and still struggling with some of these symptoms, there may be some developmental work and reflex integration needed to move forward. Younger kids can definitely do reflex integration as well!

How do you know if your child has a retained reflex? If you said yes to several of the symptoms listed above, chances are they do. So what now? Integrating reflexes takes dedication but is extremely doable! The best place to start is in our Path to Success Parent Membership Site. Our theme through the Month of march is reflex integration! Here you’ll find workshops and workbooks to get you started on the journey and take the guessing out of how to help your child.

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