How to Shop for Curriculum - the Yellow Wood Way!


It's hard choosing the right curriculum for your family!

Add learning differences or special needs to mix, and you have perfect storm! There are SO many great curriculums out there, but which one is right for YOU?

There are a few factors that I take into account when choosing curriculum for our students:

  • Learning style

  • What motivates the student?

  • Are there learning differences or special needs to take into account?

  • Does the curriculum follow certain brain based methods, like multi-sensory learning?

  • How are assessments done? Testing? Projects?

  • and more!

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Let’s get started now! Here is just ONE step from our shopping guide:

Step 4 - Learning Differences?

Does your child have a learning difference, learning disability, or other special needs that need to be taken into account when choosing curriculum? You’ll have space below to add your own specific needs, but here are a few aspects to think about:

Size of print? Does your child fatigue easily when doing school work? It could be weak visual processing! Sometimes changing something as simple as the size of the print can be immensely helpful. Keep this in mind when choosing curriculum, as well as the closeness of letter and space between lines.

Is the page distracting? If attention or visual processing is a difficulty, then keep an eye on the amount of information on the page! Curriculum with 12 math problems per page will be a lot less overwhelming than ones with 50 per page. Text books with extra text boxes and graphics on the sides alongside the main text can be too visually distracting.

Are important words bolded? Some curriculum will bold, highlight, or underline important words and key terms. This can be a game changer for students with dyslexia, ADHD, or any visual processing weaknesses.

Can you listen AND read? Does your student do better when listening AND reading? This is a great way to combat visual or auditory weaknesses. Find a curriculum that you can read along easily to the audio version.

Testing Format? If your curriculum has tests, how are they formatted? Some students find True/False, multiple choice, and matching questions extra difficult because of the tracking and working memory involved in completing questions in those formats.

What special circumstances might be helpful for your student?

  • Larger and spread out print

  • Less information on each page

  • Important words bolded

  • Option to listen along as well as read

  • Testing options that are friendly for your student

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