Build Your Bundle - Top Picks for Preschool and Kindergarten!

One of my favorite things about planning for the new school year is the Build Your Bundle sale! For 7 days only, you can get large pieces of your curriculum for just a few dollars compared to regular cost! For the next few days I’ll be sharing what I am purchasing in the Bundle Sale this year, why I chose it, and how we plan to use it!

I’m truthfully very picky about what I purchase in the bundle sale. It has to be just the right fit for us! How do I choose? You can take a look at our Curriculum Shopping Guide to get you started!

So, today we’ll talk about preschool and kindergarten. Here are the products I am purchasing for my own kids (they’ll be in pre-k and kindergarten in the fall) and for our cottage school at Yellow Wood (starts at age 4 thru graduation!)

Number of the week

This program is perfect for my two littles and the others in their class who may need to solidify their understanding and recognition of numbers 1-30! I chose this because:

  • The pages are fun but not overwhelming

  • The program is methodical and has a variety of predictable activities to help retain new information!

  • Can be used in a variety of ways - there is freedom to pick and choose or move faster than one number per week if your child is ready! I’m all about self-paced learning!

ABC Bundle

ABC Bundle is great for learning letters! We will use this as additional resources for teaching letters and for extra practice. I chose this because:

  • There are lots of options for activities, so you can find what works best for your child

  • The graphics are high quality and not visually overwhelming

  • Lots of ways to use this! Typical learners may need only this to learn their letters! Those finding it more challenging can use these for extra practice!

Alphabet Picture Visual Word Cards

Alphabet Picture Visual Word Cards look like a fantastic resource! I will be using these to help my kids “peg” new information about letter into their long term memories. I chose this product because:

  • The pictures are high quality

  • It shows both upper and lower case letters, so kids can learn both at once

  • Attaches the picture and word of the picture to the letter

Kindergarten Morning Work

This curriculum is perfect for on the go or to get your student warmed up! We will be using these as morning warm ups at Yellow Wood and as homework practice! I like this product because:

  • It works on a variety of skills like syllables, rhyming, sight words, and math concepts

  • The pages have a consistent layout so kids will know what to expect

  • The information on the page is clearly defined and not visually overwhelming

Kinder Pants Mathematics

I’m super excited about this one! In fact, I’ve had my eye on this curriculum for a while. I chose it because:

  • It’s reusable!

  • Easy to implement and add to in other ways

  • Hands on and individualized activities

Visual Cards Daily Schedule

These visual schedule cards are so much fun! Zeke and I used these to create his school schedule and it helped a lot! Visual schedules are a great tool for young children and those with unique learning needs. This kit makes it easy. I chose this because:

  • visual schedules are great!

  • This kit offers a TON of graphics to choose from, so you can truly customize your schedule

  • Lots of ways to use these!

So, ready to go shopping? Head over to the link below and find YOUR favorites!

Tactile Math and Movement Game

This game will keep kids moving and learning math! I chose this because:

  • it has differentiated levels to play with many age groups

  • Movement is a great way to make math facts stick!

  • Games are another experiential learning technique

Slime Science Activity Book

Slime? Science? Yes, please! This looks great to me because:

  • Slime is a multi-sensory and experiential way to learn science skills!

  • Slime is a great sensory tool for the classroom

Kids in the Kitchen - Chocolate

Chocolate recipes that all ages can participate in? This is a fantastic science activity for preschool and kindergarten. I chose this because:

  • cooking is a life skill and teaching math skills like measurement

  • Kids of all ages will enjoy this!

So, now that I’ve added all of these items to my cart, the initial total was $106.19. With the Build Your Bundle you automatically get 75% off with a purchase of $100, so the total for ALL these items is just $26.56!! Wow!!

And don’t forget to add one of these items to your cart at 50% off!!

Our Membership Site is a fantastic resource for parents with young kids! You’ll find TONS of resources for implementing brain-boosting games and movement into your homeschool day. Reflex integration, attention skills, and so much more. There is also a facebook community for members!

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