Dyslexia, ADHD, or other Learning Differences? Top Curriculum Picks in the Build Your Bundle Sale 2019!

One of my favorite things about planning for the new school year is the Build Your Bundle sale! For 7 days only, you can get large pieces of your curriculum for just a few dollars compared to regular cost! For the next few days I’ll be sharing what I am purchasing in the Bundle Sale this year, why I chose it, and how we plan to use it!

In this post we’ll be discussing some great resources in the Build Your Bundle sale for those with unique learning needs. Obviously every child is different, so take a look at this list and find what might be most helpful for your child! If you need some guidance on how to choose the right curriculum, head over to our FREE Curriculum Shopping Guide!

First, If you’re looking for fantastic resources for homeschooling a unique learner… let me take a minute to share with you about our very own products in the Bundle Sale. Ours are “Premium Products”, which means they won’t go toward your bundle total, BUT they are 50% off their regular price! There are some pretty exciting premium products in the sale this year - you’ll definitely want to take a look.

Brain Based Learning Summit! Just $43.50!!

Get lifetime access to the very first Brain Based Learning Summit. This conference took place ONLINE in February 2019, and the re-play of all 26+ sessions are available to you now! We had speakers from:

  • Shiller Math

  • Math U See

  • Write shop

  • Yellow Wood Success Academy

  • and Many More!!

This Online Summit is THE resource for getting you started with homeschooling a unique learner.

Path to Success Mempership Site - $175 for YEAR membership


In our membership site you’ll have access to ALL our courses. Always. We are always adding resources on topics including:

  • working memory

  • attention skills

  • primitive reflex integration

  • visual and auditory processing

  • executive functioning

  • sensory processing

  • long term memory

  • and more!


You’ll find weekly and monthly challenges to implement into your homeschool day! These will be delivered via email and the membership site. Our challenges are available ONLY to those in the Path the Success membership. These exclusive plans will help you implement our program step by step without overwhelm!


By joining our membership program, you also have access our exclusive Facebook group for members. Here you’ll have a chance to interact with members of our team at Yellow Wood and glean insight on any questions you may have!


Are you homeschooling or considering it? Do you have a child with a unique learning need or who is frustrated with school? If so, chances are this will be a great fit for you! The best part of this program is it is game and movement based, so both you and your kids will LOVE it!

Alright, now to talk about BUILD YOUR OWN BUNDLE! This amazing feature allows you to bundle up items and get them for 75% off or more! All the resources listed below are available to bundle.

Math Resources

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Developing Algebraic Reasoning

This product is a fantastic resource for multiple ages! I chose this because:

  • Building algebraic reasoning also means building visualization and abstract thinking skills!

  • Can be used to prep younger kids are to let eager younger students dabble in algebra

  • Can also be used to ease a math allergic student into the study of algebra

Marketing Plan: Algebra

I am excited to try this out next year in our high school classes! I love this because:

  • project based learning makes learning stick!

  • It will be something kids can get interested in, despite the fact that it relates to math

  • easy to implement individually or in small groups

Math in the Cards

This is a super versatile product! Lots of math games to help learning stick. I like this because:

  • Games-based learning is a big focus for Yellow Wood!

  • It’s a great product for multiple levels of math ability

  • Games make learning more enjoyable and gives a chance to work on other skills like working memory, visual processing, and other brain skills!

Tactile Math and Movement Game

This game will keep kids moving and learning math! I chose this because:

  • it has differentiated levels to play with many age groups

  • Movement is a great way to make math facts stick!

  • Games are another experiential learning technique

English Resources

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Letter Tiles Activities

This activity is fantastic for many reasons. Here’s why I love it:

  • You can use these activities with any reading curriculum

  • hands-on and multi-sensory activities to help new knowledge stick!

  • Gives more variety with using letter tiles!

Life Skills Resources

Kids in the Kitchen - Chocolate

Chocolate recipes that all ages can participate in? This is a fantastic science activity for preschool and kindergarten. I chose this because:

  • cooking is a life skill and teaching math skills like measurement

  • Kids of all ages will enjoy this!

Budgeting for Kids

Kids can always know more about budgeting! Here’s why I chose this product:

  • Opportunity to discuss and important life skill with our teens!

  • Tie in money and math skills to show real life application

  • Flexibility to make projects and activities to go along with curriculum

History Resources

Ultimate Geography YouTube List

Talk about a great resource for visual, auditory, and experiential learners! I chose this because:

  • Flexibility to choose what you learn about

  • TONS of resources

  • Not just a playlist! This has response questions for every single video!

  • A full geography curriculum. This covers every single region!

Famous Inventors Online Unit Study

This online unit study looks like tons of fun! I chose this because:

  • Online studies are a great way to keep students engaged, we use online resources occasionally but not for everything

  • Experiential and hands on learning! Projects, online interactive timeline, and more!

  • High interest inventors to keep teens engaged

State Research Projects

This state research project provides a great opportunity for learning details about our 50 states. I chose this because:

  • Hands on lapbooking style curriculum

  • Research based, so students have freedom to research what is most interesting to them

  • Easy to implement in small groups or individually

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