Build a Plan for Summer Review

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Every year this funny thing happens - our students come back from summer break and it’s almost like they’ve forgotten everything! How can this be??

Thankfully, it usually all comes back quickly ;) But it’s a rough few weeks. At Yellow Wood we strive to give our families tools to keep skills fresh over the summer so we can all avoid that little frustration!

Use this post as a guide to create your own plan for summer review. Trying to get kids to do school work over the summer is just about as fun as pulling teeth, BUT if you are sneaky, you can get some review, skill builders, and FUN built in to your days.

Step 1 -

Join our Path to Success Membership!!

Seriously! We have some exciting plans for June and July in our membership group, including really fun weekly challenges that include brain skills boosting games, crafts, projects, obstacle courses and more! You’ll find something for every age group - preschool through high school!

In addition to summer weekly challenges, you’ll have access to our reflex integration course and balanced brain course! Summer is the PERFECT time to work on reflex integration - you simply do movement exercises every day for 6 weeks!

Okay, so now that you’re ready to join, here’s the best part - You can join our Path to Success Membership for 50% off in the Build Your Bundle Sale!! Click here to grab it before this price goes away! (Sale ends May 22nd!)

Step 2 -

Choose a Math and a reading resource that are project based or hands on!

Don’t overdue it with actual schoolwork during the summer - choose just a couple fun resources to keep things going. The Build Your Bundle Sale is a great place to find some inexpensive and high quality resources for this. You can see my favorite picks for 2nd-12th here, and my favorite picks for pre-K thru 1st here!

Great options are unit studies or project based learning packets. Do you have a great resource to share? Comment below!

Step 3 -

Choose a fun elective WITH your child!

Choose a science, creative writing, or history resource that is project based and FUN. Let your child help decide, so that it will be a high interest activity for them! The Build Your Bundle Sale has some really fun resources for this in the sale, Including courses about astronomy, famous inventors, and more!

Step 4 -

Keep the schedule loose!

Rather than aiming to do all the things every day, set a goal to work 3 days a week on school review, or to do just 30 minutes each day! This will set you up for success so you won’t feel overwhelmed out of the gate.

And before you go, if you’re not enrolled in our Balanced Brain Mini Course yet, grab it HERE for FREE!!

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