Why is Yellow Wood Unique?

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It’s that time of year! Last minute school decisions are being made, curriculum and school supplies are being purchased, and for those of us with kids who fit outside the box, this can be a stressful time of decisions!

At Yellow Wood, we strive to make the decision process pain free. Whether you’re local to Lexington, KY or not, we have homeschool and tutoring options that fit YOUR student’s unique needs. What we do is truly unique, individualized, and brain based!

But, you may be asking, what exactly does that look like? What does Yellow Wood DO? How does it work? This post will answer some of your questions!

Before we dive in, I want to share a couple amazing videos we recently filmed at Yellow Wood! What a great opportunity for us to share about what we do, why we do it, and how we’ve helped families find success. Watch them below:

Parent Stories

Yellow Wood’s Story

First things first, what on earth is Success Training?

Success Training is essentially another term for Cognitive Therapy. Wait, what is cognitive therapy?

In Success Training we work on the underlying skills needed for academic, behavioral, and social success. Some of these include:

  • Reflex integration

  • Auditory processing

  • Visual processing

  • Working Memory

  • Attention Skills

  • Visualization

  • and more!

How do we work on these? Though specialized movement exercises and brain based games and activities. Everything we do in Success Training is FUN, but also has a specific purpose of strengthening the brain.

Ok, now that we all know what Success Training is, let’s talk about our program options.

Online Campus

  • one on one tutoring in Math, English, and Success Training for homeschooled students. Curriculum, home assignments, and teacher support are provided, as well as weekly one on one sessions with their teacher for each subject

  • Individualized approach to curriculum and academic goals

  • OR, one on one sessions in Success Training, available to both homeschool and traditional school students

Learn more details about our online campus here:

Lexington Campus

  • Our cottage school style program provides classes to ages 4 thru 12th grade in all subjects

  • Students attend 2 or 3 days a week. Curriculum and home assignments are provided for home days. Additional tutoring or study groups on home days also available.

  • 4:1 ratio in math, English, and Success Training classes.

  • 8:1 ratio in history, science, and electives classes.

  • Individualized approach to curriculum and academic goals

  • Or, one-on-one sessions in Success Training, other subjects available as add-on. Available to both homeschool and traditional school students

Learn more details about our Lexington campus here:

So, what makes us unique?

  • We’re providing a brain based cognitive therapy program to EVERY student we work with

  • We individualize curriculum and teaching approach to your child’s unique needs

  • We work with ALL students - learning disabilities, special needs, unmotivated learner who needs individual attention, gifted students, twice exceptional… we’ve seen it all.

  • We make learning fun. Games, movement, project-based learning, and interest-led learning are all standards at Yellow Wood.

Ready to chat about your student and see what might be a good fit? We’d love to discuss the options with you! Schedule a meeting below.

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