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Math U See Review!

And we’re back! Since you heard from me last my sweet baby Max was born! August 26th and 14 days late! He’s a sweetie and we’ve been enjoying time with him these few weeks! Now I’m getting back into the swing of things, and I’m excited to continue our curriculum series! In fact, I’m wearing baby Max as I type!

So, Math curriculum! What are your favorites? At Yellow Wood, we’ve been long time fans of Math U See. In this post I’ll share with you 7 reasons why we love it!

Math U See

This curriculum is just awesome! We’ve found it works for 95% of our students - whether gifted or struggling… or somewhere in between! Here’s why...

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Reading Success!

Today, we’ll start with reading! In the past few years at Yellow Wood, teaching kids to read and building reading skills in older children has exposed me to some great and not so great reading curriculum! The thing to remember is this: There’s more than one great option!!

(note - this post contains affiliate links! I only recommend products that I’ve personally found to be amazing! I promise!)

All About Reading

This past school year I taught our Pioneers class at Yellow Wood - 6-8 year olds and we used All About Reading Level 1. Our older elementary students used All About Reading Level 3 and 4 with another teacher. Here few things I LOVE about this program:

1. It’s scripted and methodical!

This program is seriously SO easy to use for parents and teachers. It is designed to be...

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Before You Throw the Book at 'em...

But really, though… do you ever feel like starting from scratch with your curriculum choices?

Today I’m excited to start a new blog series- Before You Throw the Book at ‘em - all about our favorite curricula at Yellow Wood! Curious what programs we use and why? Keep reading!

If you know me in real life, you probably know I am a bit of a curriculum junkie. I LOVE curriculum. Even when I was in high school and being home schooled myself, my absolute favorite part was picking curriculum. I gained a good amount of exposure and experience to different curricula while working at cottage schools and tutoring home school student, especially to classical curricula. So when I began Yellow Wood in 2013, I had so much fun choosing what books...

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