Speaker Bios 

Ann Smith - Integrated Listening

About Ann

Ann Smith has owned the Sylvan Learning Center in Highlands Ranch and Parker, CO since 2007.

For more than 10 years, she has been a resource for struggling students and their families. Her extensive research into unlocking the potential for learning that is in everyone has led her to vision therapists, brain trainers, nutritionists and more. Her work with students and families has changed the lives of hundreds of students.

Ann has incorporated Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) - a multisensory therapy - into her center since 2013 with tremendous success. Her center’s results are currently listed with iLs as a case study for other learning centers.

She holds a Marketing and Business Degree from Texas A&M University and has lived in the Denver, CO area since 2004. She is active in her church and sits on the Board of Directors of the Performing Arts Academy.


Antoinette LaGrossa - Shiller Math

About Antoinette

Antoinette LaGrossa lives in Pennsylvania with her five children and husband of twenty-two years. In 2004, after experiencing her son’s frustration with other programs, Antoinette witnessed first-hand the amazing success and enjoyment multi-sensory ShillerLearning brings to students who struggle with math. She immediately joined the ShillerLearning team and for fifteen years has helped thousands of fellow homeschool families find math and language arts solutions. LaGrossa has hosted numerous webinars and convention workshops.


Jennifer Elia - Author/Homeschool Consultant

About Jennifer

Jennifer Elia, homeschool consultant, curriculum creator, blogger, and author, is Founder of Aurelius Cabrini Homeschool Resource Center which is dedicated to giving homeschool moms the tools they need to thrive in their home education career. Jennifer provides one-on-one consulting, personalized and original curriculum plans, and practical advice for those just beginning their homeschool journey, as well as those who just need a little boost. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and four children whom she has been educating at home for the past 10 years. When Jennifer isn’t busy researching the best curriculum solutions, she enjoys gardening, crafting, and writing. You can find Jennifer on Facebook and Pinterest.


Cheryl R. Carter - Author/Homeschool Consultant

About Cheryl

Cheryl R. Carter is a busy homeschooling mother and a college professor with a passion to help others achieve academic and life success. Her three oldest children have attended competitive universities and received very generous academic scholarships, including some that are national.  She has also coached countless other home school parents in the admission process, and helped their children gain admission into premier colleges and universities. Carter's counsel is sound and unique.   She teaches English and Creative Writing courses, and writes broadly on various  topics. such as, spiritual growth, parenting, home schooling, and special education. Carter is the author of several books including Organize Your LifeChasing God and the Kids, TooEssential Writing Skills for the College Bound StudentInspire the Writer in Your Child and Organize Your AD/HD Child.   Her books have been translated into Hebrew, German, Czech,  and Polish. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and has completed graduate study in Special Education. A former special needs teacher and supervisor, Carter understands the needs of mothers in the throngs of dealing with the day-to-day issues of children whom require extra time and attention.  Carter has also written literary guides and won academic awards for her writing. She remains active in the homeschool community. She also holds a certificate in College Admissions from Columbia University.


Tyler Dorsey - Focus Forward / ADHD Life Coach

About Tyler

Tyler Elizabeth Dorsey graduated from Lexington Catholic High School in 2010, Thomas More College in 2014, with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, University of Northern Colorado in 2017, with a Masters in Educational Psychology and the International ADHD Life Coach Training Center in January 2019. She worked for Lexington Catholic High School as an ADHD Life Coach from 2014-2018. Tyler is the owner of Focus Forward LLC which provides ADHD Life Coaching, Family Coaching Sessions, Educational Sessions, Weekly Workshops, and Informational Speeches for all ages.

Tyler has not only been working with people who have been diagnosed with ADHD but has also been diagnosed with ADHD herself, giving her the view of ADHD from an ADHDer. Through adolescence, Tyler struggled both with academics as well as controlling her impulses and behavior. Having struggled with ADHD, Tyler felt called to become an ADHD Life Coach to help others understand their ADHD. She helps others develop strategies that allow them to gain better control of their inattention, impulses and hyperactivity and to prevent the feeling of being alone.


Kim Kautzer - WriteShop

About Kim

Kim Kautzer is WriteShop’s creative director, co-author of WriteShop I and II, and contributor to the WriteShop Primary and WriteShop Junior series. More than anything, Kim loves to encourage and equip homeschool moms who have a tough time teaching writing. Practically, that means overseeing product development, speaking at homeschool conferences, answering customer emails, and writing articles.

Kim and her husband Jim make their home in Southern California where, beginning in 1988, they homeschooled for 15 years. They have three fabulous adult children and nine busy grandchildren. With their kids’ families living as far away as England, the Kautzers do quite a bit of traveling each year. Kim also enjoys a good book, the Sunday crossword puzzle, tea with milk, and dark chocolate. To feed her creative side, she has recently taken up art journaling.


Tal Hoover - Blessed Grove

About Tal

Tal Hoover is the founder of Blessed Grove Homeschooling and Academy. She is a professional educator, curriculum writer and homeschool mother of 7 children.  Her spare time is spent creating and publishing educational resources and operating her small baking business.

She has over 14 years of home education under her belt, and nearly a decade of experience in tutoring, online education, and writing. Tal specializes in teaching Biblical and world history, multicultural studies, comparative religions, art history, and of course, professional artisan cookie decorating.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Leadership and also holds certificates in criminal law and paralegal studies.  Missions work, mentoring and empowering not only her own family, but others is her top priority. She loves connecting with those that are seeking to educate their own children and become entrepreneurs to promote self-sufficiency.