The Schoolhouse at Yellow Wood Tutoring

Yellow Wood Tutoring Schoolhouse program reaches homeschool students two or three days a week. All schoolwork is individualized to the student based on their Action Plan. Our program is geared toward students who thrive in a small setting with emphasis on cognitive training and individulized education services. 

Enrollment Deadline July 1st

What Makes Us Unique?

Success Training

We provide a comprehensive cognitive therapy program to all of our students!


Action Plan

We evaluate students on cognitive and academic skills and create goals that are individualized to each child.


Core Skills

These classes cover Success Training, English, and Math and are taught in a 6:1 student-teacher ratio.


Content Courses

History, science, literature, and foreign language are taught in a max 10:1 student-teacher ratio and have an emphasis on projects, teamwork, critical thinking skills, public speaking, and research.



Where?         NEW Lexington Campus coming soon!


When?        MWF- 9am to 3:30 pm (ages 12-18)

          T/TH- 9am to 3:30 pm (ages 6-12)

T/Th - 9am-12:15pm - half day - ages 4-8 


School year?     August 28 through May 25


What we teach

All courses listed below are provided in private tutoring and in the cottage school.

Interested in Enrolling?