Fall Session Tutoring
to Dec 31

Fall Session Tutoring

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Are you looking for a customizeable tutoring program for your child that meets THEIR needs? Is your child struggling to keep up in school and needs tutoring that is more than just extra practice and worksheets? Do they learn best with interactive and hands-on teaching?

Our tutoring program provides one-on-one tutoring that is designed to meet your child’s individual needs. Our tutors work with YOU to find the best ways to teach your child. Our expertise is in implementing brain based games, movement, and hands on experiences to gain skills and find success. We also tutor English, math, and ACT prep alongside our brain training program if needed.

This program is perfect for you if:

  • Your child has a diagnosed learning disability or special need, such as dyslexia, ADHD, down syndrome, autism, sensory processing disorder, and others.

  • Your child is struggling to succeed in school and needs a boost in English or Math skills, but your’e not sure how to help!

  • Your child learns best with hands-on and experiential learning, so tutoring with worksheets and drills hasn’t done the trick.

  • Your child would benefit from building skills like attention, working memory, visual and auditory processing, in turn strengthening academics as well.

We are currently enrolling for tutoring!

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Best Year Yet Workshop Event
9:00 AM09:00

Best Year Yet Workshop Event

Yellow Wood Success Academy & Focus Forward Present....png

Are you looking for resources and fresh ideas to help your child succeed?
Does your child have a learning disability or special need?
Maybe they are struggling in school or unmotivated when it comes to academics?

We've put together a day full of brain based workshops to give you the tools you need for the best school year yet. With two tracks available, you'll find valuable information that is applicable to YOU and your child, preschool-aged through high school!

Take a look at some of the high quality workshops we have planned for you:

Track 1 - Preschool/Elementary School

9:00AM-10:15AM -

Minds on the Move!

Laurie Geary, owner/director of Yellow Wood Success Academy

Integrate the brain and overcome learning challenges through movement! Learn how and why you should strengthen the midline, vestibular system, and more! Consistency with these fun movement exercises will create a more effective learner!

10:45am-12pm -
Amanda Chastain, Owner/Director of The Speech Network

Session Details coming soon!

Lunch Provided

1pm-2:15pm -

ADHD & Executive Function

Tyler Dorsey, Owner of Focus Forward Lex

This presentation will cover the basics of what ADHD & Executive Function are; Motivation, Mental Transitions, Emotional Regulation and how you can get help. 

Track 2 - Middle & High School

9:00-10:15am -

Motivation & ADHD 

Tyler Dorsey, Owner of Focus Forward Lex

During this session, Tyler will describe the struggle behind motivation and what is really going on in an ADHDer’s brain. The goal is to help provide the child’s perspective and to help parents gain a better understanding of ADHD & motivation. Tyler will use her story to exemplify this and will leave parents with a few tips and tricks to try at home.

10:45am-12pm -
Lizard vs Learning

Jennie McKindles, Director of Education at The Provision School

When a student struggles in learning it can be for a variety of reasons, but often, one of the most common reasons is not addressed. Anxiety has the power to hijack a student's logical, thinking brain and throw them into survival brain... or as I like to call it, Lizard Brain. Come hear about how the brain works, why anxiety can be stopping your learner from progressing, and some practical ways to help!

Lunch provided

1pm-2:15pm -

Strengthen the Brain!

Laurie Geary, Owner/Director of Yellow Wood Success Academy

Learn how to improve cognitive skills like working memory, visual and auditory processing, visualization, and more through games and exercises. You’ll gain understanding and tools for improving these skills and guiding your student to academic success. Geared toward ages 5-18, parents will leave with practical and actionable steps to strengthening the brain while still having fun!


Laurie Geary, Owner/Director of Yellow Wood Success Academy

Teacher, mom, and director of Yellow Wood Success Academy in Lexington, KY, Laurie is passionate about strengthening her students’ ability to learn by giving them tools to help them overcome learning challenges. She began Yellow Wood Tutoring in 2013 and has helped many children find success through her holistic and unique approach to education, which she calls “Success Training”, in her cottage school and tutoring center. Laurie has also developed online workshops on Success Training and provides workshops and trainings for other teachers, moms, dads and administrators. 

Tyler Dorsey, Owner of Focus Forward Lex

Tyler has not only been working for the past 7 years with students who have been diagnosed with ADHD but she has also been diagnosed with ADHD herself, giving her the view of ADHD from an ADHDer. Through adolescence, Tyler struggled both with academics as well as controlling her impulses and behavior. This caused many fights with her siblings and parents – her family refers to those times as WWIII. Having struggled with ADHD, Tyler felt called to become an ADHD Coach and help others understand their ADHD. She helps others to learn strategies that allow them to gain better control of their inattention, impulses and hyperactivity and to prevent the feeling of being alone.

Jennie McKindles, Director of Education for The Provision School

The Provision School is a school for unique learners specializing in early childhood trauma, adoption/foster care situation, and social/emotional skills. She has a Master's Degree in Special Education with an Ed.S in Teaching Leadership. With more than 13 years of experience, she has taught a wide variety of grades, worked in public and private education, and helped start and develop the school she runs now. As a TBRI Practitioner, her specialty is developing relationships with students in order to develop a connection that builds deeper and richer learning within the classroom, school, and world. Jennie also spends her extra time being a mom to her two children, leading a BSF group, and playing with tools.

Amanda Chastain, Director @ The Speech Network Pediatric Feeding & Orofacial Myology Clinic

Details Coming!

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Lexington Campus - Summer Intensive
to Jul 25

Lexington Campus - Summer Intensive

Balanced Brain Mini Course (1).png

Session 1 Dates: June 18th thru June 27th

Session 2 Dates: July 16th-25th

(choose one session or both!)

Ages 4-12 attend 9am-12pm Tues/Wed/Thurs

Ages 12-17 attend 1pm-4pm Tues/Wed/Thurs

Cost: $300/session. Due May 1.

Would you LOVE for your child to continue working on math and English skills this summer?

Our games and movement based program will allow your child to work on and improve math, English, and other academic skills through small group learning experiences that are fun and engaging! Summer Intensive at Yellow Wood is a great way to boost skills and won’t feel like tutoring!

Why choose Yellow Wood’s Summer Intensive?

  • we use games and movement to improve skills

  • our unique brain training program, we call it Success Training, allows students to strengthen skills like attention, working memory, processing, comprehension, and more… all while having fun!

  • you won’t have to worry about your student losing their academic skills over the summer - we’ll help keep them fresh!

  • 6:1 ratio allows us to individualize your student’s experience to meet their needs!

  • Include a pre and post screening of cognitive skills and more!

Ready to enroll? Get started below!

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Lexington Campus Open House
4:30 PM16:30

Lexington Campus Open House

Join us for an open house to learn about our program offerings in lexington!

Now enrolling 2019-2020 school year

Pre-k thru 12th grade

Small group and one-on-one classes. A truly customized learning experience, right here in Lexington!

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Brain Based Learning Summit
to Feb 28

Brain Based Learning Summit

  • Yellow Wood Success Academy (Online) (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Join us for an ONLINE summit, all about brain-based methods for homeschooling unique learners!

For years we’ve dreamed of bringing together the best and brightest experts in homeschooling who have our same goal in mind - to reach students where they are and guide them toward success! Whether your student has a learning challenge, special needs, or is gifted, you’ll find inspiration and actionable tools from some fantastic people!

Each day of the summit you’ll have access to:

  • New online workshops each day

  • Lecture notes, resources, and activities provided by the speakers so you’ll have a solid action plan for utilizing new ideas in your homeschool!

Even better… you’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to all the resources available, both workshops and handouts.

Mark your calendars and join us February 26th-28th! Registration will begin soon! Sign up below to be the first to gain exclusive access to pre-sale pricing!

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