Our Story

Our story at Yellow Wood is unique and full of passion for helping students succeed. Back in 2013, Laurie Geary was determined to find a better way to guide students and help them overcome learning challenges. She had experienced first hand what learning disabilities did to the confidence of her students and needed a new solution. She found cognitive therapy and primitive reflex integration and never looked back.

In the summer of 2013, she traveled all summer to families’ houses providing one-on-one tutoring using the new methods she learned. Fall 2013 she opened her first “cottage class” of 8 middle school students and continued tutoring one-on-one with students. The next year enrollment doubled and she hired her first employee.

Flash forward to 2019, we have 7 team members at Yellow Wood and provide services to about 40 students in the Lexington, KY area and online. We are still committed to finding a path to success for each and every one of the students we work with.

What do we do?

We provide families with unique learning needs the tools and support they need to homeschool successfully! We use brain based techniques including movement, games, and hands on learning to overcome learning challenges and gain confidence!

Who do we work with?

Is your child a unique learner? Are you considering homeschooling but feel overwhelmed with how to do so with learning differences? We are here to help! We work with a wide variety of students, including those with a diagnosed learning disability, unmotivated learners, or those who thrive in a small and customized environment. Some specific learning differences we've worked with are:

- anxiety

- autism


- dyslexia

- down syndrome

- and more!

Where do we start?

1. Evaluation

At Yellow Wood, every new student is first evaluated for their cognitive and academic skills, including working memory, visualization, critical thinking, reading, handwriting, math, primitive reflex integration, social skills, executive functioning, and more. This evaluation gives us a snap shot of the student's skills so that we can strengthen their weaknesses and challenge their strengths. Whether in Lexington or Online, this is our first step for any student we work with! 

2. Customized Goal Plan

Using the evaluation, we create an Goal Plan for every student. This action plan includes detailed descriptions of the student's cognitive and academic skills. We then explain the skills we will focus on with your child and what resources will be used to strengthen those areas. It also lays out goals for the student's classes at Yellow Wood and the curriculum they will be using. Every student's Action Plan is unique and it provides the roadmap for success.

3. Choose your Path

Yellow Wood Tutoring is not a one size fits all approach. We offer homeschool classes both online and in Lexington, KY, as well as our exclusive online parent membership site with workshops and resources to do what we do