April Challenge!

Hi there! I am thrilled to have you join us for our April Working Memory challenge!

To get you started, watch this video on working memory:

Next, download your Working Memory Workbooks!

Your CHALLENGE for this WEEK (April 8th)

Complete these 3 activities DAILY for 7 days - use the handout below to track your progress

  1. Working Memory Workout - use playing cards (TIME This each day)

  2. Echo Echo (note each day how many items in the list. Also, write down how many lists you did in a day, i suggest 6 or so, and how many of those 6 they did correctly the first time)

  1. Number Mania - time it and track your progress

At the end of the week - share your progress in the facebook group!

Have you joined the facebook group yet? You can do so by clicking below! But don’t worry if you’ don’t have facebook. All materials will always be posted HERE first.

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