Success Training - A Year Guide

Success Training - A Year Guide


Success Training: A Year Guide

- this program gives you an interactive and customize-able plan for 36 weeks of strengthening the brain through GAMES and movement!

- The idea behind "success training" is that we can improve skills like memory, attention, and processing so that students can be more successful in academics.

- ANY child can benefit from Success training

- This guide provides 36 weeks of lessons, with ideas for implementing with ages 4-high school.

- You'll want to purchase a few games, which will be listed in the required materials. All can be found on Amazon.

- Each week you'll have a suggested lesson that will take about 20 minutes daily to complete.

- As you move through the year, new concepts will be added and games will get more complex

- You can do this with multiple siblings at once, or one on one.

- 20 minutes a day! either break it up between subjects or do it all at once. It's up to you!

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