Trail Guide

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Social Skills and Life Skills (6).png

Trail Guide

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The “DIY” version of our Schoolhouse program

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This option includes everything listed in our Jump Start program, PLUS...

Parents have coaching sessions with a Yellow Wood tutor every 4 weeks. During these sessions, you’ll discuss goals, troubleshoot challenges you’re facing in your homeschool, discuss progress and next steps. We then create a 4-week “goal plan” that includes lessons for Success Training and a general outline of work to be completed in your classes too. These lessons are NOT scripted lesson plans, but instead are daily, weekly, or monthly goals to complete for each subject.

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For example, you might have a goal to complete 2 lessons in math each week for a total of 8 lessons. We might also include activities to do daily for number line visualization and math facts. The best part is, these goals and lesson ideas are customized for your child’s needs!

Another great benefit of our Trail Guide program is it includes our “Weekly Success Challenge” subscription, AND you’ll receive 40% off all our workshops and products.

Just like in Jump Start, you can choose for us to assist with ONE subject, THREE subjects, or ALL Subjects. Subjects available: Math, English Skills (grammar, handwriting, spelling, reading), Writing/Literature, History, Science, and Foreign Language.

Initial Jump Start Cost, PLUS...

Monthly Fee:

Success Training and ONE subject of choice - $100/month

Success Training and THREE subjects of choice - $175/month

Success Training and ALL subjects - $250/month

*Payment DUE on the 1st of each month*

**Trail Guide requires a minimum 3 month commitment.**


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